Dr. Moustafa Elfeki Receives a Rare Book Donation

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Dr. Moustafa Elfeki is one of the most prominent Egyptian article writers. For the last 50 years, Dr. Elfeki has published articles in many leading Egyptian and Arabic journals and magazines. His articles usually tackle both political and social affairs, and document the life of some political figures and the Egyptian and Arabic contemporary history at large.

TV Programs

Dr. Moustafa Elfeki was a permanent guest in a number of political and talk shows during the last few decades. Moreover, Dr. Elfeki presented a TV show titled “Years of Missing Opportunities” in which he touched upon several complicated issues by either review, criticism, or analysis.

Books & Publications

Dr. Moustafa Elfeki enriched the academic and intellectual lives with more than 40 books, in addition to, hundreds of scientific papers published in Arabic and internationally peer reviewed journals. Dr. Elfeki is specialized in the Philosophy of Political Science, and his works focuses on political systems, sectarian and religious affairs, etc. Dr. Elfeki uses analytical methodologies and seamless literary style in his writings.


The documentary features the different life stages of Dr. Moustafa Elfeki, and the various political and academic positions, which he assumed during his professional life.

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